Saturday, January 17, 2009

Google Drops Notebook - omigosh!

I was profoundly disappointed to learn this week that Google is moving to drop Notebook. I used this app every day, found it extremely useful, and encouraged many other people to use it too.
Over on the Google Certified Teachers discussion group, a couple of colleagues commiserated with me and 2 of them mentioned other services to consider in this realm.
Checking them out led me to two more, for a total of 4! I'm a happy camper again, I don't have to lose the functionality of Google Notebook just because it's on the way to extinction.
Like I said, this is something I use every day, so having a viable alternative is essential.
The ones I found are:
Zoho Notebook
Haven't had the chance to try any of them yet; just did some reading and looking at videos. They all look quite good, with perhaps Zoho Notebook being the most interesting at first glance (at least their video presented a lot of compelling features and uses).
Anyone have any other alternative services to mention? (delicious and diigo are not playing in the same ballpark)
I'll keep you posted on my comparisons of use as I move forward.